At C4 Space we believe security is the number one priority when it comes to sharing and collaborating on classified information. For that reason, we are pleased to introduce Kojensi.

Kojensi is the ideal tool for companies in the Space sector who need the ability to securely share sensitive and classified information internally and with partners and clients.

Kojensi is a platform with an attribute-based security model certified to PROTECTED in which the user and document attributes control the flow of information. This enables you to choose who can or cannot have access to specific files.

Kojensi is an exceptional tool in the sense that it allows you to share large-scale documents and collaborate between and within organisations for tendering and shared projects.

Already in use by the Australian Government and the Attorney Generals Office, Kojensi is a must have tool to protect your sensitive data and support your business success.

Watch this short video to learn how the Kojensi cloud service:
– Creates secure workspaces to collaborate across organisations, while ensuring only cleared users see sensitive information
– Enables collaboration with multiple people outside of the organisation, all with different compliance requirements
– Ensure compliance with mandated security controls, including clearance, organisation, and nationality

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