C4 Space is passionate about the education of the next generation of Australian space experts!

We understand that there are many career paths into space, including technical, engineering, and scientific disciplines, as well as business, management, law, medicine, psychology, communications, public relations, media, and other professional and trade occupations.

We promote space education and space careers through our Education Outreach program, which includes:
> Facilitating speaking events to inform, inspire, and guide those interested in a career in space;

> Working with student-focused and youth space organisations;

> Hosting student placements, internships, and projects; and

> Establishing partnerships with space organisations to develop and support programs for space education.

If any of the above align with your own organisation, we encourage you to contact us below to discuss education opportunities further.

If you are a student seeking a placement or an internship in either Adelaide or Melbourne, we’d like to hear from you! Email us at enquiries@c4space.com.au.