Professional and Technical Consultation

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Project Management

C4 Space project management consultation services include: Reviewing, planning, scheduling, and estimating of tasks necessary to meet your requirements; Providing specialist advice in relation to new initiatives; Providing specialist advice on requirements definition. Then planning, monitoring, and controlling of programs and projects across the pr

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Commercial Services

The effective management of every project relies on skilled administration. C4 Space has staff experienced in contract management, financial management and accounting, budget preparation and expenditure analysis. C4 Space has expertise in the management of large and complex projects in a wide range of engineering, technical, and commercial areas. W

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Editing and Publications

C4 Space can provide expert authoring services for all space-related publications, articles, websites, marketing material, and other documents: General writing Technical writing Professional editing Styling and formatting Authoring project management Publication consultancy Our services include producing, revising, or reviewing textual and graphica

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Systems Engineering

C4 Space offers systems engineering services based on international standards (EIA-632/ISO-15288) that encompass a system’s life-cycle from concept development through deployment, operations, and system retirement. Our staff have supported both small and major acquisition programs by designing, developing, and improving foundational architectures

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Printed Circuit Boards

For printed circuit boards, C4 Space will typically develop a Project Implementation Plan that defines the requirements with respect to functional and support objectives for the equipment concerned. We will then provide a task management schedule that covers design, building (Australia-based), testing, and reviews. The work will comprise: Schematic

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Test Engineering

With experience in testing systems across multiple countries, C4 Space personnel are able to provide unique insights and capability in test planning, procedures, and processes. We have experience in testing to functional requirements for software systems and product testing for both commercial (C-tick, ISO) and military standards, including MIL-STD

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RF Communications

C4 Space provides consultation on radio frequency communications systems in areas such as antenna, waveguide, amplifier, radio, and demodulator design for one or more frequency bands that includes HF, VHF, UHF, and microwave. Our services include: EMI/EMC assessments; Requirements analysis and development; Design and architecture development; Revie

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Artificial Intelligence

C4 Space is actively developing artificial intelligence solutions for clients in the space sector. Our previous experience in defence and the education sector includes the development of deep learning datasets and training for vision systems alongside multi-sensor correlation in autonomous driving systems. With close ties to universities and techno

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Satellite Systems

C4 Space consulting staff have worked on satellite systems of national significance. They can provide guidance and support for satellite systems manufacturers. We can: provide advice on launch systems; review requirements and product development; assist with launch provider and supplier identification; design ground support stations, including base

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