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Our services empower space companies and organisations to achieve your aims. We fast-track project development, pre-empt problems, surmount obstacles, inspire, and guide success.

Time, resources, and expertise are critical determinants for industry success. C4 Space can enhance your company’s operations within this matrix through efficient, cost-competitive, quality solutions.

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Supporting the growth of the Australian space sector

We are a fully Australian owned and operated company based in Adelaide, Australia.

In alignment with the Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028, our services are designed support the development of the Australian space industry; build quality, trusted networks; develop the local workforce; and inspire and guide the next generation in space.



Decades of experience

Our staff have been at the forefront of major program deliveries to defence and commercial clients across the government, maritime, and defence sectors for decades. They are leaders in their field and pioneers in the establishment of systematic approaches to the most complex problems.

We are supported by engineers with capabilities in the design and development of rocket systems and expertise in RF SATCOM communications technologies. We understand:

  • rocket systems from work on missile and UAV development and trials at Woomera, Jervis Bay, RAN ships, and Port Wakefield test range.
  • complexity associated with launch facilities, rocket launch, and recovery operations for rocket propelled systems and associated technologies.
  • cybersecurity technologies, communications, systems engineering, systems design, facilities, integration, infrastructure, and modern systems development principles.

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With prior work on multi-billion-dollar programs of tactical and strategic importance to the country, we demonstrate our capacity to support the Australian space sector. We also provide industry training and support space education, to help evolve the sector and build broader community interest in space.



C4 Space provides solutions to critical space-sector challenges

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